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Hermann Alwin Sucker was born 26 June 1898 in Berlin, Germany. His occupation on his Service and Casualty report was given as technical teacher. He had travelled to Persia (Iran) from Germany in 1936 to take up a position as a trade teacher in the German-Iranian School Association in Tehran. He was married to Charlotte (b. 1908, Berlin) who joined him in Tehran in February 1937 and their only child Rainer was born in 17 June 1940 in Tehran.

At the outbreak of hostilities, the German community had collected at the summer residence of the German embassy in Shemiran on the outskirts of Tehran and were handed over to the British.  Hermann was taken into the custody on 13 September 1941. A group of 412 women and children, Charlotte and Rainer amongst them, were escorted to Germany via Turkey and Vienna and left Tehran 17 September 1941. 

Hermann arrived in Australia 19 November 1941; travelling from Basra, Iraq with the group of 500 German civilians from Persia; first on the Rohna to Bombay and from there on the Rangitiki to Adelaide, Australia. In Australia he was interned at Loveday Camp No. 10 on 20th November 1941. At this time, he shared hut No. 46 with twenty-two other Germans of Persia; amongst them Ernst Krüger (R36607), Hans Wulff (R36838), Otto Plate (R36693), Paul von Kurtz (R36615) and Karl Georg von Brandenstein (R36413). In January 1944 he was transferred to Camp 14 Loveday. The Germans from Persia group were transferred to Victoria in two groups in January 1945. He was in the second group transferred on 31 January 1945 to camp 1, Tatura, Victoria.

He was released to New South Wales on 13 August 1946.  At the time of application for a landing permit for his wife, he was employed as a toolmaker with EMMCO, a large manufacturer of radios and other electrical equipment in Sydney.

Charlotte joined him in Australia, arriving on the Toscana on 22 November 1948.  

Hermann and Charlotte Sucker lived in Waroongah, Sydney, New South Wales. Hermann died in 1965. In 2009, Charlotte celebrated her 101st birthday, having moved from her home in Waroongah to Ashleigh Lodge, a nursing home in Thornleigh. She died in 2011. They have a memorial plaque at the Castlebrook Memorial Park cemetery.

"Written by Doris Frank, L. Böhmer's daughter, 05/09/2021"

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