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                     Dr. Pedram Khosronejad | Adjunct Professor

     Religion and Society Research Cluster | Western Sydney University

Fellow | Department of Anthropology | Harvard University


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  • Religion and Society Research Cluster, Western Sydney University

  • National Archive of Australia

  • Australian War Memorial

  • Tatura Irrigation and Wartime Camps Museum

  • Frank Family

  • Girschik Family

  • Guilor Family

  • Meinke Family

  • Stephen Family

  • Wulff Family

  • Shahla Bahavar (University of Southern California)

  • Simon Burrows (Western Sydney University)

  • Peter Cannon (HMAS Canberra)

  • Peter Dunn

  • Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar (Santa Barbara City College)

  • Olivia Fairless

  • George Ferguson (Tatura Irrigation and Wartime Camps Museum)

  • Doris Frank

  • Erich Frank (P35749A)

  • Palome Gay Y Blasco (University of St Andrews)

  • Chloe Girschik

  • Hani Khafipour (University of Southern California)

  • Helga Girschik (R36356)

  • Herbert Girschik (R36355a)

  • Peter Girschik (R36357)

  • Rosmary Gower

  • Justin Griffin

  • Karl James (Australian War Memorial)

  • Fiona Kilby (National Archive of Australia)

  • Lurline & Arthur Knee (Tatura Irrigation and Wartime Camps Museum)

  • Fatemeh Moezzi

  • Mahroo Mousavi

  • Adrian O'Sullivan

  • Renae Payne (Western Sydney University)

  • Adam Possamai (Western Sydney University)

  • Christina Rocha (Western Sydney University)

  • Sue Schmitke (Tatura Irrigation and Wartime Camps Museum)

  • Mia Spizzica

  • Ingrid & John Stephen

  • Brian Stout (Western Sydney University)

  • Jacqui Strecker​ (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences)

  • Nina & Ralf Täuber 

  • Monica van der Haagen-Wulff (University of Cologne)

  • Ruth Wallach (University of Southern California)

  • Emma Waterton (Western Sydney University)

  • Leslie Weatherall (National Archive of Australia)

  • Christine Winter (Flinders University)

  • John E. Wulff 

  • Hildegard Wulf

  • Roswitha Wulff

I am deeply grateful for the support and assistance that I receive from the staff and especially our librarians at Western Sydney University who are helping me to perform my research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We acknowledge and respect Traditional Owners of the Lands, the Darug, Gundungurra, D’harawal, Wiradjuri and Bundjalung Peoples upon which our campuses now stand. We continue to value the generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' knowledge embedded within our University.



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