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Younger son of Arnold Abineri (1884- 1940s) and Ethel Whitmore (1888-1979), was born on 22 December 1912 in Tabriz and like his brother Wilhelm Abineri (R36367), he was also working in Iran as an assistant merchant. He was married to Maria while living in Iran. After their forced separation during the Second World War in Iran, Maria’s deportation to Germany and his internment in Australia, they separated.

As prisoners of the British Army, he and other single men left the German embassy’s garden situated in Schimran (Tehran) for Ahwaz in the second group of men on 15th September. After four weeks of interrogation at the British Military camp in Basra, he and other prisoners from Persia were transported to Adelaide, Australia on 19 November 1941. In Australia he was interned at Loveday Camp No. 10 until his transfer to the Camp No. 14 on 12 January 1944.

On their arrival at the Loveday camp, he was allocated to a tent in “Neustadt”. It was there that for the first time he met Ernst Kropf (R36861) who joined the camp later in December 1941. Ernst and Edgar became good friends from that moment and they are shown together in several group photographs of internees taken at Loveday.

He and the other internees from Persia were transferred to the Tatura Camp No. 1 in January 1945.

Otto Löbert (P35960) one of the internees from Palestine (Templers), notes that Edgar was a great sportsman and a tennis champion.

Edgar was released to Launceston in Tasmania on 8 October 1946 and found a job at the Brisbane hotel. Later he also found a position for his friend Ernst Kropf who moved to Tasmania from South Australia where he had originally been released.

Edgar remarried in Launceston in 1951 to Audrey Campton (b.1927). They had two children; Jennifer Anne Abineri Hickey and Christopher Arnold Abineri. Edgar died in 1992.

"Written by Doris Frank, L. Böhmer's daughter, 06/09/2020"

Tabriz, Iran, 1930s.


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