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It was during August 2019 that I meet some of the “children” of the German expatriate colony of Persia (Iran) in Australia, whose parents had been detained in Iran in 1941 after the country’s invasion by the British and Soviet Armies during the Second World War. About 500 of them (single males and six families with their children) were sent to the Australian war camps, while the rest of the women and children were forced to return to Germany during the war.







In 1947, many of them were deported to Germany while many could stay in Australia, although they had to find employment in order to make enough money to pay for the return of their families (wives and children). It was only in 1949 that most of the women and children were able to rejoin their husbands and continue to live in Australia.

This project concerns their life stories.


With Helga Girschik (R36356) and John Wulff during a research visit to the Australian War Memorial, Autumn 2019. © P. Khosronejad.

The number in front of names is an assigned POW number. Prefix R indicates apprehended by the British Forces in Iran. (cited from Australian War Memorial website)



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